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On the first day, we grouped up and agreed a name, it was good as we all remembered each others names. We lost one member after the first day – he seemed shy or not into the project. The PhD students have a lot of work to do – after dinner they had to do more study on their own projects. Our team had bilingual members so communication was great. We decided as a group to split tasks, if one member was busy then we swapped around, we used all our skills and everyone had a go at everything. We kept talking as wthe project developed to keep everyone up to date with how we were getting on as a whole. We all helped.

At the brainstorming event we were already discussing materials needed and potential problems, we already made a prototype of the stage. We have made separate parts now we need to join them. We aim to achieve a working model but not sure!

It would have been beneficial to share our experience of working with the high school kids. They were only interested in coding or making a website to share the data. Not interested at all in the application of the machine – very challenging, needs were high. We have left free some bits of the software so that they can edit it or add bits.

We think our machine will work, and if it does work it could be used for biological samples – the high school students could use dry samples to which they could add reagents.

In future, all schools could collaborate on making the microscope, and sharing data. We could supply them with the protocol and a list of materials and software, and they could build their own.

第一天,我们分组并同意的名称,这是很好的,因为我们都记得每个人的名字。我们失去了一个成员后的第一天 - 他似乎害羞或不进项目。博士的学生有很多的工作要做 - 晚饭后,他们有自己的项目做更多的研究。我们的团队有双语的成员,所以沟通是伟大的。我们决定作为一个群体分裂任务,如果一个成员忙,然后我们交换周围,我们用我们的技能和每个人都有一展身手的一切。我们不停地说着W本说明书让所有人迄今为止,我们如何作为一个整体开发项目。我们所有的帮助。


这本来是有利于工作与高中的孩子分享我们的经验。他们只关心编码或共享数据的一个网站。在应用程序的机器 - 非常具有挑战性的,不感兴趣的需求是很高的。我们已经离开的一些位的软件,使他们能够编辑或添加位。

我们认为,我们的机器将工作,如果它的工作,它可以用于生物样品 - 高中学生可以使用干燥的样品,他们可以添加试剂。 在未来,所有的学校合作,使显微镜和共享数据。我们可以提供他们的协议和材料的清单和软件,他们可以建立自己的。