Team 3

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Our goal was to build a prototype of a cheap atomic force microscope, made mostly from lego, for biological applications.

We agreed on the first design after a brainstorming session, then split into smaller teams, each of which worked on the different aspects of mechanics, optics and control.

The initial unfamiliarity between the team members and the language barrier disappeared very quickly. We have all contributed equally to the project and everyone got engaged in their tasks. Every morning and evening we had a progress meeting.

After 2 days we were getting to understand what everyone knew and had experience in. If we had another week, we’d do much better, we’d be able to brainstorm efficiently. It was more challenging for the Chinese students who had other work to get on with too.

It was easy to talk to the high school students, they were open, smart and very well prepared. Quite scary. They were more interested in building the device than how they would use it. They would like to start a n open learning community in Chinese schools – an open website where students would receive credits for achievements, an open learning/making community. Our impression of their current curriculum was that is was pretty ‘learn and repeat back’, and the students wanted something different – more hands on, so we tried to address that. Why not even omit the word ‘learning’ and just say have fun – they would take more in that way. Make learning sexy!

This machine is really a toy which can be useful. We are very impressed by the number of people, who were interested in our prototype of an atomic force microscope. You could put the design templates online and anyone could make, hack or modify them – it could be global. We should start one now!





这是很容易谈高中的学生,他们是开放的,智能的,并准备好。挺吓人的。他们更感兴趣的是他们将如何使用它的设备比建设。在中国的学校,他们想启动一个开放的学习社区 - 一个开放的网站,在那里学生们的巨潮,开放的学习/社区rcieve学分。 他们目前的课程给我们的印象是漂亮'的学习和重复',学生想不同的东西 - 更多的手,所以我们试图解决。为什么不甚至可以省略'学习'这个词,只是说有乐趣 - 他们将采取更多以这种方式。让性感的学习!

此机确实是一个玩具,它可以是有用的。你可以把在线设计模板,任何人都可以做,入侵或修改它们 - 这可能是全球性的。现在,我们应该启动一个!